This is what we offer to our clients. Don’t stay with your doubt!

Design and Web Development

Specialists in web applications business orientated. We work with our users in our web projects with the attention always in the client.

From Agilia we have created web applications of high quality that cover the needs, both of the big companies and from the best Pymes.

Our expertise in open software technology allows us offer custom solutions both in web applications and in electronic business 

(Drupal, WordPress, Prestashop, Magento, Woocommerce).

  • UI and UX Design

  • Business Web Solutions

  • Web applications B2C/B2B: eCommerce, Intranets y Extranets

  • News portals and digital catalogs

  • Marketplaces and Collaborative Networks

  • Customized development on Open Source platforms (modules, evolutionary, …)

Customized Development

The actual needs of software development are enormous, and the technology cast, very large and in continuous evolution. Our competitive advantage resides in our technical knowledge, in a continuous renewing, our predisposition to propose ourselves new challenges and the work orientated to the new software development paradigm, make sure they don’t trick you, the old software projects aren’t nothing like the ones that we do now.

And …Why shouldn’t we say it, we are a bit geeks and we actualise more often than your operating system😉 (PHP, .NET, Pyton, Ruby, Java, XCode, JavaScript, Synfony, Angular, Android e IOS, entre otras)

  • Software Solutions: Dashboards, Development SaaS, Web information extractors, Time stamping, etc.

  • Data Base: Relational and non relational (MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, MongoDB,…)

  • Mobile Applications: Android and iOS Both natively and hybrid development.

  • Conected applications:Design of software integration processes, development ofAPIs and web services

  • Server technologies: Load balancing, cache management, architectures in HA.

Algoritmia and Bigdata

You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to obtain information for your company, The solutions based in Algoritmia and Big Data have as an aim give value to the business through the analysis of big data sets.

This analysis is based in mathematical techniques. In Agilia we dispose of a team of Data Science to analyse each scenario and design the best Algorithms.

  • Greater knowledge and control of the business itself, through descriptive analytical techniques.

  • Better organizational and business planning capabilities through the use of predictive analytics.

  • Higher ROI in business processes by using prescriptive techniques that recommend actions based on solid data on expected costs and benefits.

AGILIA colaborates with the mathematics department given by the Seville University looking for the continuous excellence in the design of the most optimal algorithms

Complex Integrations

It is common for companies to have communication problems among the applications they use, and the consequence is an uncontrolled increase in manual processes and if we combine the cost of correcting human errors of doing things by hand, the cost to the company can be quite important.

As experts in the domain, we create for you customized integration processes, in an easy and quickly way. We can integrate or make interoperate all the systems that you want, and of any type:

  • Commercial or custom software

  • Data repository (database, files, etc …)

  • Communication protocols (POP, SMTP, FTP, SSH)

  • Cloud, local, or mixed applications

Our solutions are scalable in time and do not limit, nor complicate the system architecture that own the company, facilitating the entry of new applications at a very low cost.

Innovation Labs

Nuestro laboratorio de ideas está en continua ebullición. Trabajamos con las últimas tendencias tecnológicas y disponemos de los mejores profesionales investigadores que nos posicionan en plena vanguardia tecnológica.

La rama I+D de AGILIA es el motor que le permite seguir creciendo y mantenerse en la vanguardia tecnológica. A través de su empresa matriz, ya hemos participado en dos proyectos Innterconecta y actualmente estamos aplicando en varios H2020

Dentro de esta linea de innovación, destinamos un 10% de nuestros presupuestos anuales a proyectos propios donde poner en liza todas las tecnologías innovadoras que van emergiendo o a apoyar a start-ups con necesidades tecnológicas


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