The closeness to the client in a digitalized environment. This is the challenge that companies are currently facing. Although it looks like science fiction, there are studies that affirm that 74% of consumers would be willing to contact companies directly through mobile apps. Why ignore this positive predisposition to interact in applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger?

In a where digital relationships are being humanized, it is important to make our clients feel that they are not alone throughout the purchase process.

One of the advances with greater potential within the electronic sector is the integration of mobile app plugins.  WhatsApp one of the best exponents of this trend.

Surprised? Here are the benefits of using WhatsApp in your business.


Why Complement your eCommerce with WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is not only an instant messaging service. It has created a trend and for many users it is a way of life.

98,1% of consumers messaging services confirms their loyalty to this app that also have more than one billion users in the world. Nobody can live without their mobile.

They value the comfort in their routines and avoid any kind of effort or change that is not worth it.

Your search process must be as easy as possible, which is why including WhatsApp will always be received positively by customers.

The Importance of Good Management

The manager that responds through the app must have exceptional people skills and close to the customers. Taking care of this aspect and doing a good job will allow the company to have direct access of relevant information regarding clients, therefore generating powerful feedback. According to various sources, good management of eCommerce can increase sales by approximately 75%.

Clients should feel safe, and as if they are in a trusting and private environment.

With WhatsApp that’s possible.


The Plugin for Prestashop and Other Options

Created by Idnovate, the WhatsApp Chat module costs less than €30 and has a lot of remarkable functions such as the possibility of engaging client groups, multi-language chat interface and a responsive design.

In turn, WhatsApp has other modalities for companies such as the creation of verified accounts or online marketing services through mobile using WhatsApp Marketing.

In the current market every detail counts. Making the consumer feel special is vital for the survival of the company. Don’t miss out on any possibility or opportunity to get closer to our customers.

The most personal and direct communication awaits you.

Long live King WhatsApp!