Mobile apps are considered as one of the most powerful tools for attracting the target audience of a business. Almost every adult in the world has a smartphone and this market is continuously growing.

But before investing in building a mobile app for your business, it is vital to know whether it needs one at all.

Do your competitors have a mobile app?

You need to find out which of your competitors have successful apps in the market. It’s possible that your business is suffering by comparison because your competitor has a successful app and your business does not.

Consider the objective of the app

If your competitors have an app, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your business needs one. It’s important to consider what you would want to achieve by building an app, whether that is to generate revenue or improve brand awareness. If either of these are a goal for your business, then maybe having a mobile app would be best for you.
A mobile application can help to strengthen the brand.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors

As mentioned previously, it’s important to find out whether any of your competitors have apps in the market. However, if they do not have an application, your business can take that big step before your competitors, meaning that you will be ahead of the game. This can be your competitive edge.

Will a mobile website work instead?

Many businesses forget about the option of having a mobile website instead of an application, even though it is cost-effective. A mobile app is optimised for handheld devices so that customers get the most out of the functions of your website. This also means that you avoid the commitment to a mobile app development cycle, as this can be a long process. However, it is upto you to decide whether a mobile website or app makes more sense for you.

The results of the app

If you make the decision that your business needs a mobile app, it is important to take the success of the app into consideration after launching it. One way to do this is to record the customer experience of the app to find out what customers think when they are using it, this can show you how easy the app is to use. For example, you can do this by having a ‘rate your experience’ pop-up.

The reason for building a mobile app should be clear to a business, whether the goal is to increase sales or to effectively increase social media awareness.
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