Thanks to these funds, launched by CDTI, Agilia Center will continue to strengthen as one of the Spanish companies that most bets on R&D.

The Andalusian company Agilia Center has been selected by CDTI Organization to be part of the NEOTEC program with a service based on Blockchain.

This investment supposed is a strong impetus for Agilia, as it gives the possibility to strengthen the R&D department and continue to develop innovative projects based on Blockchain and DLT Technologies.

NEOTEC’s initiative is granted annually and aims to support the creation and consolidation of new technology-based. This program helps medium and small businesses in the development of R&D strategies, that enable the positioning of these companies in new and demanding technological markets.

About Agilia Center

In AGILIA we are not satisfied with being one of the leading companies in the Andalusian technology sector.

In addition to being highly qualified technologically we have an expert team of great quality who loves what they do and who considers their work as a way of life.

In addition to our usual services, Agilia is clearly committed to innovation, and through its R&D department, new lines have been developed covering technologies such as Blockchain (DLT-based services and smart contracts), agile deployments in the Cloud (through the use of containers automates the deployment while providing elasticity to applications) as well as developments in Big Data (design of both the database and mathematical algorithms to optimize the strategy and decision making of companies).