For more than 2 decades, the Internet has created a new world for us. Obtaining information has never been so simple. We have advanced so much in communication technology that the only thing we can be sure about is that the future is highly uncertain. We have multiples platforms to stay up to date such as blogs and podcasts.

As we have done in previous posts, today we are going to highlight some of our favourite technology podcasts.


Take note!

Bad Voltage is a blog where they talk about topics such as Technology and Open-Source and is complete with reviews and interviews. In particular, we like this Machine Learning podcast:×19

We also like this Tech Policy Podcast which is all about Cyber Security and how to keep your data safe online:

This Software Engineering Radio podcast about the Internet of Things is extremely interesting. They discuss some examples to show how IoT applications are used and how they are built:

Another podcast from Software Engineering Radio is all about what the risks and countermeasures are with Cloud Security. Listen here:

Blockchain has potential for supporting secure health data exchange, but listen to this Healthcare Information Exchange podcasts about some limitations that organisations need to keep in mind:

This Market Place podcast about Augmented Reality is extremely interesting. It’s all about discussing whether the Augmented Self can really save us:

Another Software Engineering Radio podcast which discusses what Data Science is exactly, more specifically exploring how it differs from Machine Learning and Statistics:



And what are your favourite podcasts? We await your response. Don’t forget to share this post and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.