Digital transformation is currently one of the main challenges faced by a large number of companies. According to the information received in the study “The reality of Spanish companies on skills and Digital Transformation”, despite the fact that 91% of companies are aware, only 2% have managed to complete the process with total success. Now more than ever, the most important thing is custom development and free software solutions.

Both options have advantages to consider. However, which of these alternatives is the most profitable?

The advantages of custom development

Custom developments (software) are the solution that companies use if they do not have a tool to help systematize their operations. Some of its advantages are:

  • It has been designed for specific business needs

    Custom development software projects that are adapted to the operational needs of the companies can be created through personalised programming.

  • It is intuitive and easy to use.

    It will allow you to forget unnecessary installations that absorb too much time and patience.

  • The cost is minimal.

    The long-term economic benefits are greater than what you would receive if you purchase a software development that is already done. This also means avoiding the payment of user licenses that would have to be paid in the case of acquiring a standard software project.

  • Maintenance and support service is included.

    There is a real commitment between developer and client. The information transparency between both parts will mitigate the possible incidents that may occur in the executed project. It facilitates the fluidity and immediacy of the information, adapting it to the needs of the client.

  • Creation of updated database.

    In this way, greater commercial impacts and better effectiveness in terms of business opportunities are achieved.

  • They are flexible and adaptable.

    If your business grows, custom development will also grow and adapt to your new environment. This way allows the relevant adjustments to be made at the same speed that the environment changes.

  • They are secure.

    They are less vulnerable to third-party attacks. Being personalized, the system is used less and therefore is not an easy target for cyber attacks.

The advantages of free software

Solutions based in free software are those that once obtained can be studied, used and copied. We highlight the following advantages:

  • Compatible with other programs.

    They are designed to be able to adapt to other programs and operating systems, making their versatility clear.

  • Unlimited installations on all devices.

    As the software is free, we can install it as many times as we want on any device we want. The main reason that this is possible is that they do not have a limited number of licenses.

  • Constant improvements.

    Thanks to the contributions of the programmers users and to the constant evolution of the programs, you will be able to avoid extra expenses.

  • It is a cheaper option.

    It helps SMEs in the expansion of their infrastructures without limiting their possibilities to the detriment of the payment of licenses that they can not afford.

  • The format is standard.

    Thanks to software solutions we can obtain greater interoperability. In addition, in this way we enhance the versatility that other types of development formats limit.

  • It is a system that is expanding.

    Companies like Google or Microsoft are using free software solutions for their servers.

  • Free support.

    If you are a user of the program, you are in luck. Some experts argue that it may even be greater than the security of private programs. Each member of the community will help you to avoid possible failures in the system and are trained to answer your questions.

When is custom development and free software a good option?

After analyzing some of the advantages of custom developments and free software, one might ask when these profitable models are a good option.

Free software would be more suited to you if…

You are considering a model of low and distributed costs. Additionally, it favors the technological independence of your company and will not depend on long maintenance delays. Finally, the source code will allow you to manipulate the program on which your product / service is based according to your requirements.

However, customised development would be more appealing to you if…

You want to differentiate yourself from the rest of the companies in your sector and have a competitive advantage. In turn, the maintenance can be more personalized and adapted to your needs. Finally, in spite of suggesting a high initial cost, it is an investment that can be worth it in the long run. It is a model that has the same future commercial vision possibilities as free software.

Whether customized software or open software, what is truly important is the correct advice. At Agilia we do not limit ourselves to software development, but also to the development of great professionals. We are experts in communication and transparency with our clients.

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