In our daily life, we are regularly faced with tense situations, possibly even scary ones. To celebrate Halloween, we present 5 fears that sooner or later you will suffer.

Let’s have a look!

Estimation Terrors

Let’s be honest. Every developer has been terrified of an estimate throughout their career. What are the main reasons?  You believe that you have correctly calculated the time. There will always be some factor that interrupts your workday, whether it is a new development or the relentless Jigsaw appears on your screen to put you to the test.

Last minute information from clients

Imagine that you are at the point of completing your application/development. Then, just as you are about to launch, you receive a notification in which your client describes some emergency ‘minor’ changes that they want implemented in the project. You don’t know what to do and what you thought would be a piece of cake has turned into Mission Impossible.


If this particular nightmare sounds familiar to you, then you will definitely understand what we are referring to.

The language you works with sounds Satanic

We are realists. When we are programming, we all have a preference for certain languages. However, there are times in which we are faced with some languges that we are not very familiar with due to the characteristics of a certain project. That doesn’t mean that sometimes we have the feeling that we are communicating with Damien himself through the monitor using codes and demonic incrimination. However, it never hurts to leave our comfort zone to take on new challenges.


Fixing an error is usually easy. The problem (or nightmare) is discovering that the reason for this error is the loss of an essential file that has mysteriously disappeared from your computer. Where did it go? What did you do with it? No need to worry. Learning from these mistakes and admitting them will make you a more versatile programmer.


Leaving your computer with the session open.

You may need to urgently go to the bathroom, or you have to answer an urgent phonecall… and after a while you realise that you have left your session open and that your colleagues are aware of this. You may already know what happens next in the story. This is one of the most terrifying situations that will happen when you least expect it.

Which of these situations have you been faced with? We wish you a very happy Halloween.
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