When you launch your e-commerce, one of the first challenges you will face will be to select the CMS platform to carry it out on.

Magento and Prestashop are currently two of the most used ecommerce foundations in the market.

It’s possible that both platforms won’t be familiar to you so here is a special post where we will analyse the similarities and differences of both platforms. Here we go!

Functional characteristics of Prestashop

Ecommerce Prestashop’s Pack relies on an amazing number of 310 functionalities. All of these functions are free and easy to install. We highlight the following:

  • Catalogue and site administration.

  • Product display optimization for search engines.

  • Shipping, payments and purchase completion.

  • Marketing.

  • Start of client session.

  • Translations Security.

  • Analysis and reports.

  • Multi-store administration.

To learn more about each of the tasks for example, the functionality, we recommend that you click on the following link.

Functional Characteristics of Magento

As with Prestashop, it is programmed in PHP and MySQL. In the case of Magento, we would like highlight the following features:

  • Catalogue and site administration.

  • Wish list and product comparison.

  • Mobile commerce.

  • Internationalization support.

  • Product display.

  • SEO optimization for search engines.

  • Shipping, payments and purchase completion.

  • Marketing.

Do you want to learn more about Magento? Here is their website.

Similarities between Prestashop and Magento

 Both content managers have similar characteristics. They resemble in:

  • Both were developed as ecommerce creations platforms.

  • Both Prestashop and Magento need a hosting to be launched normally.

  • They are versatile in design and performance, thanks to the large number of templates they have. In turn, it should be noted that the large range of extensions and plugins that will keep your e-commerce updated with ease.

  • Satisfactory SEO optimizations.

  • And most importantly, in both cases the programmer takes on an important role. Without them, your ideal e-commerce would not be possible.

Differences between Prestashop and Magento

However, despite having many aspects in common, there are still significant differences between Prestashop and Magento.

The first one is the price. In a store made with Prestashop, it is less expensive if the project is small. However, we believe that for stores with more complexity it would be interesting to develop it with Magento. Despite the perceived difference in the price range, it is an interesting option for the long-term maintenance.

Another aspect that should be taken into account is the economic model. With Prestashop, there is a greater tendency to pay for modules in the case that you want to improve the basic features of your store. That is to say, when the project grows you have to make a bigger outlay of money than with Magento.

Finally, another aspect to consider is the accommodation costs. Magento needing more features will require a VPS hosting (or private virtual server). In this case Prestashop would be a cheaper option due to the price of its hosting and the fact that it implies fewer resources.

Deciding which of the two options best suits your business is always a difficult task.

However, if you want to decide and you have potential, business vision and most importantly, a team that supports you (not only economically, but in the technical aspects of the project), the decision will be much easier.

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