15 years ago, when companies began to use e-commerce, there were entrepreneurs of traditional mentality that believed that this kind of business was just a passing trend. This environment was not the most suitable for platforms such as Prestashop and WordPress.

However, as Qui-Gon Jinn said to Jar Jar Binks in Star Wars: Episode I: “the ability to speak does not make you smarter”. Nowadays we can confirm that these commercial experts were wrong.

The little details of your website can make a difference so much so that present and future sales of your company depend on this. For this reason, we’re going to show you all the plugins for Prestashop that will make your website better. Take a look!


7 Prestashop plugins that your website should have


For selling in marketplaces

The advantages of selling on these technology platforms range from getting more traffic and visibility of the products to the low installation cost. Our favourite option is Google Merchant Center, a payment plugin (120.99 €) with thousands of downloads and a critical reception outstanding. It’s a full international and multi-shop option that allows to you creating multiple folds for different countries, languages or currency. In addition to being easy to use, it has integrated seamlessly categories and Google Services. The experience for the administrator is really satisfactory.



To close the quick sale

Converting in commodity the user navigation of the page is essential. If the time of the payment of the product/service is tedious, it’s possible for them to lose a significant number of potential buyers and the conversion rate lower. Our favourite candidate is One Page Checkout PS

Among its virtues we found that it allows to minimize the registration time (with the help of profiles in social networks) making the process simpler and faster. The cost of this module is €120.99, one of the lowest in the market.



SEO Positioning and connection with Google

The importance of SEO is undeniable. It depends on the increase of organic traffic to our e-commerce as well as that of sales. Did you know that being at the forefront of web positioning is easier than you think? Installing the Google Analytics  lplugin is free and you will open many doors. It’s the ideal tool for measuring the productivity levels of your web and it’s among the most downloaded. It also has the “Made in Prestashop” stamp.


Cross selling

Impulsive shopping is a trend in all markets, including in e-commerce. Although all the plugins with Prestashop account have high prices at first, they are not at all comparable to the many future benefits with which they will give you. Our favourite without a doubt is Promotions in the cart.  Its price (€96.79) and its multiple functions (such as the management of the product we want to highlight or the demonstration of the discount) make it one of the best purchasing decisions that every administrator should make.



Special Promotions

The promotion techniques can always improve the relations between the organisations and the consumers. Why not include them in the offers to make them more interesting to the potential audience? With Pop Promo (€48.39) you will be able to do it in an easy way since within its module it will allow you to configure a pop-in that your client will see immediately upon arriving at your store. And you know what is the best? It will permit you to obtain better conversion rates using traditional banners. It also has with a pop-in responsive and Lightbox Effect.


Full and fast search

Getting to find the product you were looking for within the web and quickly is always a satisfying experience.  Cataloged as one of Prestahop’s favourite plugins, Live Search Auto Complete (€29.99) turns the tedious search into a comfortable and magical process, with many possibilities to meet the needsof your users. Its design and features are quite intuitive, so its management is not complicated.


Customer opinions

Consumers are becoming more active both in social networks and in forums. Actually, before making a purchase, greater efforts are made to search for information and opinions of other users. In this lies the importance of incorporating within the electronic e-commerce plugins that allow the clients to express their reflections and evaluations about the products that they have acquired. Customer Ratings and Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets (€120.99) is the best option in the actual market. It is also in the top 10 most downloaded plugins of this platform.


We are sure that following these guidelines your store will stand out and also be different from the rest of the competition.

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