When developing an online store, our clients usually ask us for information about commercial platforms such as Prestashop and Drupal. However, just like in Poltergeist, there is life beyond (of both options). What if we included Magento within this group?

Today, Magento is one of the revelation platforms when creating a quality ecommerce.

In the following post we will explain the 5 main reasons of why we consider Magento that must be taken into account.

It’s versatile and it’s adapted to any kind of project

Magento includes an administration interface where we incorporate services and tools that claim to be used in case you want to modify the appearance and content of the online store. Thanks to this, you can manage your product catalogue efficiently.

Multilanguage configuration available to everyone

One of the greatest virtues that Magento has is the easy customization of their menus. It is so effective that we even have the possibility of adapting it to different languages. This will allow us to launch promotional campaigns both nationally and internationally.

One of the most complete dashboards in the actual market

Thanks to the versatility of its dashboard, Magento is one of the platforms with better scalability of the market. All this is achieved thanks to the tools related to content management and conversion are used. In short, as your business grows your control panel will also grow.

SEO Optimisation at the height of your business

One of the greatest strengths that Magento has is its powerful commitment to SEO, thus allowing your online store to be optimized 100%. How do they get it? By facilitating the use of friendly URLs for search engines as well as automating Google Site Map.

Greater payment facilities for customers of your store

If you want your ecommerce to be international then this feature will be of interest to you. Thanks to Magento, you can receive payments from different parts of the world, safely and quickly. This will result in greater welfare of your consumers and benefits for your business.

In general, Magento is one of the most powerful ecommerce development platforms in the market today. It is the ideal choice if what you are looking for is:

  • that your store has a national and international vision.

  • customize the web design at your whim.

  • combine your marketing strategies with those of your ecommerce.

  • use a leading platform in the current market of electronic commerce.

Have you created your ecommerce with Magento? Do you have any doubts that you need to resolve regarding this platform? Comment and tell us about your doubts and experiences. And of course; May The Force Be With You.