In previous posts, we can read about platforms such as Magento and why they have great potential when it comes to developing your eCommerce. However, in the following blog post, we are going to explain some of the reasons that Prestashop is also an option that you should take into account.

Here we go!

It is an Open Source platform

Prestashop is an Open Source platform es una plataforma Open Source. This means that you can install and use the platform for free on your server. The code, in turn, can be modified to revise it, change it, etc.

Facilitates SEO optimisation of the web

It allows us to configure and customise the linkes. In this way, the URL’s are user friendly for the search enging. In turn, thanks to Prestasgop, you can configure the required fields in SEO (key words, meta-description, URL) such as the product profile and its categories. In this way, we can improve the SEO on the page of the online store.

Personalisation of Prestashop templates to our requirements

It has different alternatives to cutomise the Back Office and the Front Office. Therefore, all templates are 100% adaptable to the needs of a brand and business. The objective is to find the topic that best suits the needs of the project.

Easy to use

It is a simple platform of intuitive use regards to navigation. You do not need to be an expert in Prestashop to understand the control panel. Moreover, if you have a quality hosting then yu canwork quickly and completely autonomously.

The Prestashop community

The interactions are constant and in the forum of questions the members solve the doubts that arise in the day to day management of Prestashop. A great way to build loyalty to the users of the platform.

Prestashop is a platform used by many international and national companies. However, if your company wants to stand out, you need a professional team to advise you so that you know how to benefit and how to put your idea into action. At Agilia Center, we are experts in eCommerce development.

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