In the beginning of summer, in Agilia it is already tradition to start this season with a good start. And what better way than to celebrate it with all the companions?

Last Friday, June 22, the Agilia Center team participated in an unbeatable Team Building Day. In it, in addition to enjoying a great day, we were able to strengthen the relationships between our colleagues and thus live a totally memorable weekend.

The day was divided into 3 parts; At the beginning of the morning we went to kartodromo de Cartaya. Although the rain at the beginning of the morning made us fear the cancellation of the activity, the experience could not be more satisfactory. Adrenaline on the road,  titanic battles for the podium and above all fun were some of the factors that made this activity received with enthusiasm  by all members of Agilia Team.

After burning the engines on the track, we moved to the capital of Huelva. In this location we went in different turns to the Escape Room La habitación de Dédalo. Despite the difficulty of the game, the three teams made the maximum possible mental efforts to get through it.

Finally, all the teams went to Casa Galicia restaurant where we tasted different dishes: fried fish, meat, seasoned tomato… All delicious, cooked with care and with a very good table service.

Occasions like this are unique to live as a family. And we can say with pride that in Agilia that affirmation we take it to the letter.