We are currently in an era of rapid technological changes and one thing that we can be certain about is that there will be more advances in 2019.

In the following post, we will highlight the technologies that will emerge in the next year.

Privacy and Identity based on Blockchain

With the growing number of data breaches, new ways of identity verification and privacy protection will come to light. This is something that Blockchain is made for because it’s duty is to provide incorruptible recordkeeping that can easily be verified.
We touch upon the subject of privacy of large volumes of data in a previous blog post.

AI vs. AI

This concept is simple; to make your AI smarter, put it against another AI. For example, if one AI attempts to create a realistic image, another AI could attempt to decide whether the image is real or artificial. This concept is called “general adversarial networks” (GANs). Thus, we can except the battle of Artificial Intelligence to commence.

Tech for Humanity (specifically Machine Learning)

Technology may be able to solve societal problems. It is predicted that large-scale use of Machine Learning, robots and drones can help to improve agriculture, ease drought, ensure food supply and improve health in remote areas. Some of these activities have already started, so an increase in adoption rate is predicted for next year.
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3D Printing

This is a prime example of how innovation can be revolutionary. Printers have always been a significant part of our daily lives, but now 3D printing is set to be the next big wave in this industry.

Industrial Robots

There is a rise in adoption of collaborative robots. The impact of robots on manufacturing in any supply chain is impossible to deny. However, it is important that we don’t become heavily dependent on robots in the future as we are taught from the film I, Robot. If we are not careful, fiction will become a reality.


AI-powered chatbots are frequently used for basic customer service and sometimes as virtual assistants. Their easy use and usefulness has grown, and this will continue to spread to other industries in 2019.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

These technologies can be used for employee training, education, engineering and other fields. The high cost of entry has lead to a lack of applications, but as VR headsets become more mainstream, we may see a higher amount of application.

These or other advances will change our daily lives and the way we do business, just as the growth of smartphones and the internet have done in the past few decades.

Which of these do you think will be the most important technological advance in 2019? Tell us your opinion in the comments below.