The first impression is always important. We receive more than 3000 daily stimuli, of which we only retain 10%.  In web design, the first impressions are extremely important. Poor design of your e-Commerce will not only lose potential income to your business, but also disappoint visitors of your online store.

Avoiding the loss of customers is a concern faced by the e-Commerce sector daily. A very extended solution are the actions focused on the optimization of the user experience (UX).

In today’s post we will provide 8 recommendations to prevent the web design of your site from being an absolute disaster.

You must avoid…

Not optimising images

They should be of good quality, if the image has an excessive weight, no user will be able to see it on the screen. It is of high importance that the visual set of the web is consistent. We recommend using images with a weight less than 5 MB. In turn, if the goal is to reduce it, you can use free online tools such as tinypng or Optimizilla.

Random use of colors

When planning the design of an e-Commerce website, it is necessary to analyze the tones to use. The choice will depend on the strategy with which it is carried out. Under no circumstances can we ignore this decision since a misuse of colors will generate instant rejection of the web. In the next post, you can read about the key to taking full advantage of the colour palette that we have.

Too large texts in the product descriptions

Not specifying the details of the product can irritate the users of the web and cause them to abandon it. When they are written, they must also maintain a common typography to avoid the visual chaos that this entails.

Over-use of emergent windows

There is nothing more off-putting for a user than when a series of annoying windows suddenly appear. The offers that are found in the windows do not matter. If a window of this type appears for every step, the client will abandon the web due to annoyance caused by the windows.

Adding music to the website

Never under any circumstances, use a permanent musical thread on the page. If the user wants to listen to music they will voluntarily put it on. Each user has defined musical tastes and it is impossible to find a genre that everyone loves. Imposing an element as personal as music can trigger of a bad impression of the website.

Not having a defined web structure

Maintaining an orderly outline of the sections of the website is essential to navigate with ease. An unclear structure could confuse navigators that are using the page.

Saying no to responsive design

When you create an e-Commerce, you should be aware that the website should show versatility. That means being able to adapt to different devices on which it can be accessed. Having a powerful design for the computer is not useful if the design appears to be messy. The main objective that we have to look for with our virtual store is the maximum comfort of the users and what makes the purchase process easy.

Including a visitor counter

The relationship with your potential clients must be transparent, but they do not need to know the number of visits to the store. This is confidential information for your company, and to avoid the connotations of weakness that they entail in case the web page has fewer visits.

Have you ever found an e-commerce with a terrible web design?

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