The online shopping are rising. Activities like purchasing tickets at the box office or like searching a t-shirt in a shop is something of the past.

We are experiencing a shift in attitude by consumers. As we can appreciate on the last ONSTI report about Cybersecurity and Confidence in Spanish households, 42,1% of respondants have full confidence in Internet

Actually are we aware that the information that appears on the web is completely certain?

Today we reveal some tricks to identify whether or not an e-commerce shop is fake.

Beware if…

It doesn’t appear a telephone or direction of the company

In a transaction, the transparency of information is key. It’s essential to have available this data in case of reclamation or doubts.

If we don’t give it the importance that it deserves to this aspect in the e-commerce we will be completely unprotected against possible allegations.

Security and privacy of e-commerce policies are false 

Each web must have their own company “Privacy Policy”. It’s important to check that the information that appears written on that section is adapted to the main activity of the company, does not come of the “copy and paste” and is available in the main language that is intended for the same.

The prices are suspiciously cheap.

Sometimes the cheap you can go expensive. It’s usual to find sales on e-commerce. If the price that they show is three times lower than the fixed market, the suspicious become reality.

You can’t find user reviews  on e-commerce platform

It’s known that to make an e-commerce reliable for the consumer potential it is important to incorporate a plugin or a section of the products or services reviews.

If you don’t have it, we recommend to go to social networks and forums for contrasting truthful information of the company. In case of not find anything, you should close the tab and look for another store .

They don’t give you the possibility to return

For Sale online there is the possibility of a right withdrawal from the purchase of 14 days so that the user has the possibility of devolution. In case that the company applies or not it must be indicated in both cases in the website (when the payment is going to be made or with the general conditions of the product).


Finding yourself in a “fake” online store. Avoid interacting with her also our device. However, only guide us through these tips doesn’t guarantee the most important thing, which is the security and privacy of navigation of our users.

With an SSL certificate, you will keep your clients’ privacy safe. In addition, you will ensure that the data sent between the server and the equipment will not be manipulated by others. 

Does it sound strange?

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